About the artist
Miguel CORANSON-BEAUDU was born in 1965 in Martinique (West Indies). It paints since 1994.
Of course, that did not come famous overnight. Its need to be expressed is the result of a maturation which will have lasted several years, dependent on its personal history.

These works are varied, it paints according to its inspiration and its blows of heart.
However, when it tackles the subject of overseas or Africa, then a kind of instinctive symbolic system is set up, a hyphen at its low origins.

Its works are impressed at the same time light, of heat and of joy in life, they are sometimes a bit mystics what gives to the artist a writing which is his own.

The artist seen by Calo Brooklyn-www.big-bang-art.com

"This young self-taught artist uses oils in a strong and pure expressionistic fashion, largely inspired by his roots.

As if driven by an instinctive force, Coranson-Beaudu manages to express a certain truth is revealed through his paintings. They leave us with an impression, not unlike those of the great expressionists, or those things that most effect us. Somewhat recalling “La Forêt en Afrique I”, “La Forêt en Afrique II” or “Le Feu en Afrique” by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Coranson-Beaudu’s marginality evokes an instinctive and pictorial universe influenced by and representative of is origins.

The composition and colours of his work create a pure environment via his screaming and strong paintings. Through alchemy along they are transformed into universality."